Water Facts

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • PH (25˚C)    8.28 (6.5-9.5)  Testing Method: SR ISO10523:2012,EPA METHOD 9040B:1995
  • Calcium (Ca) 69.9 mg/dm³    Teting Method :SR EN ISO 11885:2009
  • Magnesium (Mg)  23.7 mg/dm³  Testing Method :SR EN ISO 11885:2009
  • Potassium (K)   1.74 mg/dm³ Testing Method: SR EN ISO 11885:2009
  • Sodium (Na) 4.13 mg/dm³ ( <200)Testing Method: SR EN ISO 11885:2009
  • Nitrites ‹0.025 mg/dm³( 0.50 )Testing Method: SR EN 26777:2006,EPA METHOD 354.1:1971
  • Nitrates 1.48 mg/dm³( 50 ) Testing Method: SR EN ISO 10304-1:2009,EPA METHOD 9056:1994
  • Dry resides (180˚C)  390 (sparkling water) mg/dm³ Testing Method:STAS 9187:1984,EPA METHOD 160.3:1971
  • Chlorides 2.25 mg Cl‾/ dm³ ( 250 )  Testing Method:SR EN ISO 10304-1:2009, EPA METHOD 9056:1994
  • Gold (Au) 0.012±0,002 µg/L  Testing Method:ICP-MS – test report no.320 C /12.04.2016
  • Nitrates 0.040±0,001µg/L  Testing Method:ICP-MS – test report no.320 C /12.04.2016
  • Natural alkaline water is essential for health

    Natural alkaline water is essential for health

    Natural alkaline water is a rarity. By frequently consuming natural alkaline, not artificially alkalized water, we contribute to the daily detoxification of our body, balancing the acid level caused by pesticides and food additives, intake of processed foods, intake of excessive protein, occasional use of alcohol and, last but not least, daily stress, stress that dominates our lives more and more. The daily balance of our system is desirable and it has an essential role. The benefits of consistency are greater than those offered by occasional detoxification. Fatigue, the sensation of stomach fullness, bloating, painful soles or hot soles in the evening are just a few of the signs that show us the excessive acidity of the internal environment. Are you experiencing one of these signs? It's time to make you alkaline!

    Dana Stoian
    Doctor of medicine, primary endocrinologist, graduate of the Integrative Nutrition Institute of the United States of America
  • cristian stanulescu 1

    It is very important for the human body to be supplied with abundant water, with alkaline water. The water that enters the mouth is absorbed by the gastrointestinal system, and then transported to cells throughout the body through blood vessels. More water means better blood flow, promoting an efficient metabolism. Alkaline water also has the effect of decreasing the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. The water has various functions within the human body, but its most important role is to improve the blood flow and to boost the metabolism. It also activates the bacterial flora and the enzymes in the intestine, while excreting residues and toxins. Dioxins, pollutants, food additives and carcinogens are all removed from the body by alkaline water. Water not only exists in blood vessels, it also plays an active role in the lymph vessels, thus helping us to be healthy. Alkalinity is the body's greatest detoxifying agent, and Aur'a Mineral Water is a natural water with an alkaline pH that can produce a deep detoxification of the body. Alkalinity scatters, moves and cleanses the body, making it the solution that makes tissue regeneration possible.

    Cristian Stanulescu
    Naturopathic physician, specialized in Detoxification and Toxicology