What special ingredients does Aur’A Gold water have?

What are the special ingredients in Aur’A, a luxury mineral water bottled in the Banat Mountains of Romania? If you had to set a fair price for the water you drink every day, you’d probably arrive at 0.5 £. But if you had to put a price on your health that amount would explode. 

The Aur’A Company offers a delicious water and at the same time good health for a somewhat larger sum than 0.5£, but not so much more from what you’d have to pay for medicine. With its incredible components and a purity making it one of the best waters in the world, Aur’A is a medicine itself, contributing to high performance of your body.

What are the Aur’A’s main ingredients?

  •  Silver. The best natural antiseptic. Where present in the body it can act as a  detoxicant  and can rapidly kill many forms of bacteria.
  • Gold. An incredibly efficient component for fighting a large number of diseases such as cancer. It is also an anti-inflamatory and anti-allergen as well as a natural antibiotic.

Apart from containing silver and gold, this water also boasts an incredible Ph of 8.28. It is also noteworthy for its very reduced salt level and a perfect balance in its calcium, nitrite, nitrate and magnezium content. The analysis established in laboratory tests are extremely persuasive:

– 81/8 mg/litre of calcium;

– Under 0.025 mg/dm3 nitrites and under 4 mg/m3 nitrites.

– 27.4 mg/dm3 magnezium.

Isit worth drinking Aur’A? By all means! Just as with your daily diet you try to ensure that your food is as healthy as possible, so you should ensure the same from your drinking water.  And this wateris the best way to keep hydrated.